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Sunday, June 13, 2010


So I was talking to LED a while ago about how nobody has sampled One Republic's "All The Right Moves"... and then we got put on to QuESt (not Tribe, but QuESt). wow. Collab? I'd hope so.

Download "We're Going Down" HERE

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elevator Musik/"Third Time's The Charm"

Yooow. Back again with some news.

On July 15th, yours truly and the rest of The Band Eclypse will be performing with Sam Adams at the Chance Theater in NY. It's gonna be a dope ass show.
Anyway, I've really been slacking with a lot of online stuff, like twitter, myspace, vimeo, blogging, etc. But it's officially the summer so believe that I'll be on my grind real soon. My mixtape "Third Time's The Charm" is on it's way, with the first single, "Elevator Musik" (a remix of Curren$y's song of the same name) being dropped tonight. We're shooting the video next week (weather permitting) and it'll probably be available by next Friday. So without further a due, I present to you, "Elevator Musik". Enjoy.

Download "Elevator Musik" HERE

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BACK AGAIN (Bamboozle, Gramercy Theater, Updates)

So I'm back. again.

It's been maad long (as it usually is...I don't even remember the last time I put up a new post. But I'm trying, I really am!)

Soo much has happened over the last month--I don't know where to start.
But I'll start with The Break contest...
So thanks to all of our fans, we had the great privilege of being accepted as one of the bands in the Break Contest, which is the official contest to play in the Bamboozle 2010 music festival. There were 4 rounds (all over the country), 3 of ours took place at the Trackside Teen Center in Wilton, CT. Each band was judged on presence, song material, crowd response, and of course, talent. We swept each round, to our surprise, and ended up at the Break Contest Finals at Gramercy theater. We didn't win the finals, but still got the opportunity to play at Bamboozle literally a week later.


Was insane, to say the least.At the end of a week of rehearsals, photo ops, interviews, and loss of sleep, came Bamboozle.
Day 1 was insane, we saw huge names like Drake, Ke$ha, Richy Nix, Paramore, and so many more perform; it was ridiculous.
We returned the morning after for Day 2 of Bamboozle. It started with our friends Wild International (www.myspace.com/wildinternational) tearing up their set. Check them out, they're awesome. Our good friend Dylan Owen absolutely rocked his set about an hour before we went on stage. Our set time was 3:40, and for the first time since the Apollo Theater, we were soo nervous, to say the least. But once the intro started, we got in the zone and put on the best show of our lives. Here's a sample of what it looked like:

Time of my life. You have no idea...for more pictures, check out www.flickr.com/triplejmusic

But this week is our week off from 5 straight weeks of performing. Next weekend, we have a show at Columbia University--you should all go, it's gonna be dope.
The weekend after that, we're playing at BOMBfest, a huge music festival in Connecticut with Lupe Fiasco, The Cool Kids, Girl Talk, Mutemath, and 30 Seconds to Mars. It's gonna be insane.
We're finishing up the EP, getting tracks mixed and mastered. Expect it out sometime in mid to late June. In the meantime, we're writing material for our first full-length album, which will probably be out sometime next fall.

COMING SOON: "Infected" (MASTERED VERSION) and my "Of Mics and Men" EP on iTunes...I promise you won't be disappointed.

Till next time, (hopefully soon)



Saturday, March 13, 2010


OH SHIT. How could I almost forget...

I HAVE A NEW SONG. Called "Infected" (Produced By Ryan Dennis)
It's gonna be on my M I R R O R S & L I G H T S mixtape and my Of Mics And Men EP [which will be on iTunes once it's finished]

I guarantee you it's 100% pure, concentrated dopeness. The full version'll be up soon enough.
But for now, I present to the public, "Infected"

Click The Picture or Link Below to Download "Infected"

Download Triple J's new song, "Infected" * HERE *



So I'm BACK. And right now, we're finishing the new band album @ the loft studios in Bronxville, NY.

SO MUCH has happened over the last couple of months. We came in 2nd at the Westchester County Battle of The Bands, me and L.E.D. shut down the Thirsty Turtle Bar/Nightclub in White Plains, and shut it down completely...there was a line out the door and down the block; a good 2000 people showed up, it was fuckin dope.

The Band also performed at Don Hill's NYC in Greenwich Village (New York City) for another sold out show. Thanks to everybody that came out that night, it was maaaad fun. The night after was spent competing at The BREAK Contest in Wilton, CT, to play in Bamboozle. We made it to the finals, which are on April 10th, so there's gonna be a shitload of work to do for that. Make sure you get to that show.

So the biggest news to date, is us getting asked to perform at B.O.M.B.Fest in Durham CT, with huge names like LUPE FIASCO, THE COOL KIDS, OF MONTREAL, AND MUTEMATH, with plenty more acts to be added. The show's gonna be on May 30th, with more information to come. So psyched, you have no idea.

We have a ton of shows comin up over the next couple of months, and we've been talking about a possible summer tour...thank you all so much for all of your support. We're goin to the top.

Email: triplejmusic@gmail.com
Email: thebandeclypse@gmail.com


Friday, January 22, 2010


XV - "Rabbit Hole"

Why isn't he signed?

Hope For Haiti

Everybody needs to check this out.

Hope For Haiti Telethon (mtv.com)
^Click the link above ^